Natural Bee-Honey

Honey - it is an amazing natural product. All the substances contained in honey are extremely valuable and human-friendly. Thanks to a similarity with the composition of blood, natural bee-honey is quickly and almost fully assimilated by our organism, therefore improving the digestive process. Honey improves natural immunities of the body as it contains natural bactericide, and alleviates pain.



Zabrous - this is the wax cap that is closing the cells filled with honey, and that the beekeeper has to cut with a knife before presenting the bee-frame for extracting the honey. In addition to bee-wax, it contains parts of the secretion of the bees, propolis, pollen, as well as some honey that was located just behind the wax cap. It offers strong antiseptic and regenerative functions, but does not present any allergenicity. Therefore, it could be used to treat viral infections without destroying or affecting the microbial flora, in contrast to all usual chemical preparations and medications .