Hemp Proteins

Hemp Proteins - This is a full-fledged protein from natural hemp seeds, containing a very high percentage of natural proteins, hemp oil and fatty acids. Proteins are an important part of the sportive alimentation. Also they are well adapted as a source of protein for the people that could be affected by allergies to other proteins like soy protein or gluten.


Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil - This is a very unique alimentary product that could effectively be considered as an absolutely natural treatment and prophylactic tool like a medication. Consumed regularly, Hemp Oil will help clean and rejuvenate your body. Hemp Oil is also very widely used in cosmetology as it allows amazing results and improvements.


Hemp Flour

Hemp Flour - - Is a rich source of dietary fibers. Hemp Flour has a large content of edible fibers and vitamins that have a comprehensive curative effect on the human organism. Compared with regular flour of already high category, Hemp Flour contains 4 times more mineral substances, 2.5 times more vitamins and 24 times more fiber !


Hemp Cereals

Hemp Cereals - Are used in alimentation as a product that restores and improves digestion. They contain 65% edible fibers, which remove toxins that have been accumulated , and which prevent their further formation. Hemp Cereals can help your diet, can improve the exchange of substances and can reduce the percentage of sugar in your blood. In contrast to the cereals from other origin, Hemp Cereals have a high content of iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin B6.